Iphone 11 not receiving texts from android

This guide will show you 7 reliable and efficient solutions to fix the iPhone not receiving text messages problem without effort. Many iPhone users complain that their iPhone is not receiving text messages or an iPhone is not receiving group texts. In most cases, you need not enter recovery mode to start receiving messaging on your iPhone. Usually, a simple restart or minor adjustments to your messaging settings can resolve the issue.

Also, you may experience situations when your iPhone has not access to cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. A mobile operator may not support certain message types, which prevents you from getting messages.

Another possibility for an iPhone to not receive text messages is that a required service is not activated. Just check the solutions for your iPhone not receiving texts problem below.

If you find some of your important text messages lost from iPhone, follow the guide to know how to recover messages on iPhone. PhoneRescue is widely accepted as the best recovery tool to do iOS data recovery, and it has helped over millions of iOS users recover deleted or lost messages. If you accidentally lost your important texts, try PhoneRescue to retrieve now. If your iPhone is not receiving text messages, the first thing to do is to restart your device.

Your iPhone will not receive texts if you are not connected to a network. You can also send and receive messages through iMessage but you still need to check your Wi-Fi settings. Another option is to use cellular data to send a message or get one, so check if your device has access to cellular data service.

If your iPhone does not receive texts, you may need to turn on Wi-Fi Calling. You may not receive text messages through Wi-Fi Calling also because your current operator does not support the service. Check this with the operator.

Wi-Fi Calling is available only on iPhone 5c or later models. Bear in mind that while Wi-Fi Calling is useful when using Wi-Fi connections in areas with little or no cellular coverage, you need your operator to support the service. Aside from Wi-Fi Calling availability issues, you may experience troubles with your iPhone not receiving text messages or MMS messages if your carrier offers no support for a specific message format.

If you are not getting MMS messages or your iPhone is not receiving group texts, you need to check the options for MMS and group messaging. As with many other options on your iPhone, you can activate or deactivate MMS and group messages, which might be a possible reason for an iPhone not receiving group texts.

How to Fix: iPhone not Receiving Texts/Group Texts

Also, check your Hide Alerts options to receive notifications about new messages. As weird as it may seem, but many people witness their iPhone not receiving texts due to incorrectly entered phone number or email address for a contact. Check any contact details and contact details you have submitted to others to see if they are correct.

Also, the iMessage service needs activation to get SMS and other messages. You also need your time zone to be selected correctly. Some iPhone users may also experience situations when they get messages on an Apple device but their iPhone is not receiving texts.

In this case, you should check if your iMessage settings are set to receive and start messages from your Apple ID instead of your phone number. Do not worry if your iPhone is not receiving texts. Just follow the above steps to unlock or restore your messaging service. Modern iPhones have many functions to explore, so in specific cases, you may need to browse through all or most of them if your iPhone does not receive text messages. A senior editor, an Apple fan at iMobie Inc. Product-related questions?

Bella Miller Last Updated: Dec. Free Download Get it now. Bella Miller.Of course, glitches are inevitable, but luckily, there is always a solution for any kind of problem. Many users faced with the issue when they cannot send or receive text messages from those who are not using the iPhone any model. We are going to share how to deal with this issue, but before we do that, please make sure:. Toggling Airplane mode can be a way to refresh your iPhone connectivity.

It will refresh the cellular signal, cellular data, etc. You can access the Airplane mode by swiping the bottom of any screen of your iPhone. Then, tap the Airplane icon once to turn it on. Wait for a few seconds before you turn it back off. The good starting point is to check your device settings. First, make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network. The next step is to select Settings and go to the Messages section.

Sometimes, LTE and 3G are responsible for this issue. Check if you have not blocked the phone number of the person you want to send the text message. Press the same button, and turn it on again. Take out the SIM card from your iPhone and check if the condition is still good, no scratch or damage. Then, put it back again properly.

If you find the SIM card is no longer usable or damaged, contact your carrier. If your iPhone not sending a text to Android or the other non iPhones devices, sometimes, network settings require a reset. In many cases, that helps. To do that:. The problem may not be associated with your iPhone. Perhaps there are some network issues, which is why you should contact your carrier. The software may cause certain issues occasionally, which is why iOS update is a good idea.

To check if a new update is up, go to Settings, General and then Software Update. If there is, tap Download and install. Next, enter your passcode, and tap Reset all settings to confirm your action.

My motorola android receives messages from iphone, but they dont get my messages back. Seemingly on only the one phone, but i realized I dont know for sure that others are actually getting my messages…. Cell companies are greedy and only want the phones to work are the ones that pay the most. I have not been able to send or receive group messages if there is a non-iPhone user included in the group for about 5 yrs.

Nothing worked. I upgraded my i-Phone from a 5 to a 7 to an X and gave my husband the old phone each time. He was always able to exchange messages with any type of smart phone. He was about to have me to a complete back up and restore without signing in with my Apple ID so we could do some more testing.

He then wanted to check a few more things so he scheduled to call me back. It worked!!! She is the first person that actually listened to me and analyzed the problem instead of following a series of pre-defined procedures related to problems with group texts between iPhone and other users.

What carrier were you having this problem with.There is indication that THIS message was sent the message before and after is displayed. On the sending phone the text message is visible in the message conversation for the contact. There was a time when if a smartphone isn't able to receive text messages, people wouldn't panic at all.

This may have been an insignificant incident, 10 years ago. But now, this is a major issue as this generation mostly uses texts as the medium of communication.

So, if you are not receiving some text messages on Android and you are not getting any notifications; such as vibration or an audio or a toast, don't panic.

You can also check the message history or the conversation of the sending contact. If you find any indication that a message was sent to you, then you can be sure that your Android mobile is not working properly. So, if messages are sent to your number but you are failing to receive every time, then you must find a way to fix it immediately. Before we get into the solutions to fix Android not receiving texts, we must discuss the most common issues faced by the Android users related to texts.

We have a compiled a list after research, let's have a look. You just read the common issues faced by most of the Android users but we highly recommend you not to panic and take drastic measure to fix it. The not receiving text messages Android can be associated with major issues, surely. But it can also be a temporary glitch. So, before getting into any elaborate troubleshooting, let's try a few simple fixes.

Hopefully, they will be able to help you. The simplest answer if you can't receive text messages Android, is related to network issues. If your mobile network is acting up, then you will not receive any messages on your mobile.

So, check the bar on the top right corner of the screen. If the bar is not full then the signal strength is weak. There is a distinct possibility that not receiving any texts on Android is directly related to clogged-up phone. Depending on how much you chat, the number of texts can be huge and it can take too much space on your phone. If you don't delete them from time to time, you will have similar issues. The process of deleting them is not very difficult, let's have a look.

Step 2. Tap a thread and tap the button next to the home button to show the message management menu. Step 3. Tap Delete messages. Then, tick the pieces of messages you're going to remove. If you want to delete all, tick Select all.In this post, we will tell you several tips to fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android error.

No Doubt, iPhone is a wonderful smartphone that has captured the trust of many users. It also encounters some problems like iPhone not receiving texts from Android. This is a very common error that users might come across while using iOS devices. Here we will tell you some tips that you can use to fix the iPhone not receiving texts from Android error. Below we share some tips to fix iPhone not receiving text messages from the Android problem. A faulty Message app setting can be the reason for iPhone not receiving texts from Android.

iphone 11 not receiving texts from android

So you can head to check whether the sender Android user was blocked. If you have tons of old text messages on your iPhone, then this may be the reason for your iPhone not receiving a text from Android. Those text messages may not be a problem while receiving messages from iPhone users because then you may receive an iMessage instead of a simple text message. You can also try resetting the network settings if your iPhone not receiving texts for Android.

Generally, faulty network settings can cause this error and you may need to reset it to default to solve the error. For some important old text messages, instead of deleting them from iPhone, you actually have another way to go — back up them to Mac or PC. Messages on the computer will be available to access and view. So, you can try the above-given tips to solve the iPhone not receiving texts from Android. Product-related questions?

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Aug. Joy Taylor.Like every other phone in the market, there is a glitch with the iPhone as well. While texting is one of the most basic functions in any phone not necessarily an iPhone is sending and receiving a text. There are many reasons that your iPhone is not sending texts to Android properly.

Likewise, your iPhone not receiving texts from android properly can have various reasons as well. A few of those are you might not have a network signal, or maybe you might have used the wrong number. The problem itself is a bit confusing and annoying since many people choose Android phones, for example. The solutions below will help you solve the text from iPhone to android not going through problems as well. The bars or dots there show the strength of the cellular connection you have.

The Wi-Fi indicator shows the same thing for Wi-Fi networks. A low number of dots or bars, or no phone company name, means you might not be connected to a network. You should make sure you are connected to a network. Toggling Airplane mode can be the way to refresh your iPhone connectivity.

Android Not Receiving Text Messages, Here are the Real Fixes

It will refresh the cellular signal, cellular data, etc. You can access the Airplane mode by swiping the bottom of any screen of your iPhone. Then, you have to tap the Airplane icon once to turn it on. Wait for a few seconds before you turn it back off. Your iPhone should reconnect to an available network, hopefully with a stronger connection, and your texts will go through. Errors in those settings could interfere with sending texts.

You might as well face the why am I not receiving text messages on my iPhone issue if you do not have a proper signal on your iPhone.

But before you contact anyone, you should try solving the network issue problem in an iPhone by checking your network signal. You can be resetting your Network Settings this way:. Sending text messages to inactive or unused numbers is a recipe for failure and frustration. When sending an SMS message, make sure you enter the correct number and also that have you texted the right number. This should be no problem when you message a contact stored on your iPhone, but it can require care when entering a new number.

Take your time when entering numbers. If you continue to have trouble, contact your intended recipient by other means to confirm the correct number.

How to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Texts from Android

This last point is important. Sometimes, your contacts may change their numbers, or their mobile operator may disconnect them. This is why you should update your contact numbers as regularly as possible.To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

iphone 11 not receiving texts from android

I recently switched from an Iphone 7 to an 8. I also switched Canadian carriers from Koodoo to Rogers. I am not receiving all text messages, but only from android phones, and it is not all the time. Any group message that also have an android phone involved I do not get either, even sent from another iphones. I had contacted my carrier Rogers and they reset my profile. I have unlimited text and picture messaging with my carrier.

If you can't send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Group message, and send as SMS are all on. MMS messaging and IMessage all on. I have toggled these on and off trying to get it to work. Logged out of my Apple ID. Forgot my old phone as a device Start a new conversation under messages is my phone number, I can be reached at IMessage at phone number and email address.

My Galaxy S20 Can’t Send MMS. Here’s The Fix!

Neither of these users have ever used an IPhone, both have Samsungs. One is my mother and the other my boyfriend. They get Delivery Reports to their phone stating I "rejected" the text. Obviously I have checked they are not accidently blocked again, I get some, not others.

I have spoken with a friend, she says the same thing is happening to her with the latest IOS upgrade. This is a bit silly, and I do think an Apple problem, not my carrier. But advise what else I can possibly test, try, reset etc would be great. Posted on Jul 5, PM. Jul 7, AM. Page content loaded. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.If you see a Waiting for Activation alert, learn what to do. Message not delivered.

iphone 11 not receiving texts from android

You see a green message bubble. Not receiving messages on a device. Issues with group messages. There are several reasons for this:. If you have an iPhone and another iOS device, like an iPad, your iMessage settings might be set to receive and start messages from your Apple ID instead of your phone number.

Open Messages and tap the group message. If you see a message that says you left the conversation, then either you left the conversation or you were removed from the group message. You can rejoin a group message only if someone in the group adds you. To delete a group message:. When you delete a message, you can't recover it. To save an attachment in a message, touch and hold the attachment, tap More, then tap Save. To send an SMS messageyou need cellular network connection.

If you don't see an option to turn on MMS Messaging or Group Messaging on your iPhone, then your carrier might not support this feature. Make sure that your device has enough space to receive images and videos. If you still need help, find your issue below to learn what to do next. Message not delivered You see a green message bubble Not receiving messages on a device Issues with group messages. Messaging rates may apply.

iphone 11 not receiving texts from android

Contact your carrier for more information. There are several reasons for this: The person that you sent the message to doesn't have an Apple device. If you receive messages on one device but not the other If you have an iPhone and another iOS device, like an iPad, your iMessage settings might be set to receive and start messages from your Apple ID instead of your phone number.

Enter the phone numbers or email addresses of your contacts. Type your message, then tap the Send button. To delete a group message: Open Messages and find the conversation that you want to delete. Swipe left over the conversation.

Tap Delete. Learn more If you still can't send or receive messages, contact Apple Support. If you switched to a non-Apple phone, learn how to deactivate iMessage. Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Ask other users about this article Ask other users about this article.